Monday, December 2, 2013

GYRO Winners for Oct./Nov. 2013

to our GYRO Book Club winners for October/November 2013

For Sturgis Williams Middle School the top two prizes go to: 
Jarrett Boyd
who read 2588 pages!

Other winners include: 
Grant Wilen, Ryan Wilen, Chaelyn Kaski, Reagan Smith, Reegin Kehn, Cayla Sundberg, Darrion Williamson, Alexandra Wise, Abby Aberle, Brook Bestgen, Emme Craig, Haley Houchin, Anna Hale, and Mrs. C. Anderson.

For Sturgis Brown High School the top prize goes to: 
Claire Scarborough

who read 7, 553 pages!

Other winners include: Alora Huffman, Jordan Smith, Devon Wolter, Mr. Schmaltz, Mrs. P. Anderson, and Mrs. Gies

THANK YOU to our local sponsors:
Subway, Pizza Hut, Taco Johns, & Culver's.