Monday, March 30, 2015

South Dakota Library Challenge:  Electronic Resource Edition

Lesson 10  |  Wrap-Up |  March 30, 2015

*The South Dakota Library Challenge: Electronic Resources Edition was developed by the South Dakota State Library staff to introduce you to the statewide subscription electronic resources. The Electronic Resources Challenge encourages library staff to learn more about the resources that provide expanded access to information and research tools to all schools, libraries and citizens of South Dakota.

Week 10 of the SDSL Electronic Resource Challenge has arrived!  This has been a great challenge, and I have definitely learned a lot; however, I am also not completely sad that it is coming to an end.  And, really, the only reason I say that is because this is such a busy time of year!  I look back at the last ten weeks, and I am surprised that I was able to get each week's lesson completed with everything else that I had going on.  I am glad that I took part in this challenge, though, for a number of reasons.

First of all, I am much more comfortable now with the SDSL on-line resources.  I know which resources to recommend for which school project, and I have also been recommending them to friends and family members.  I taught a couple of lessons at the beginning of the year in which I incorporated the SDSL databases, and then I taught a few more lessons during this challenge.  There was no guesswork with the lessons I taught this winter/spring...I actually knew what I was talking about! 

Secondly, I have now become a resource for some of the other teachers, particularly at the middle school that I work at.  They know that I took part in this challenge and will now come to me with their questions about finding on-line resources for their students. 

And, finally, any time that I can expand my knowledge base, I jump at the opportunity.  Now, I feel like I just have more tools in my librarian tool belt. 

I know that there are several of these resources that I need to go back to and explore in more depth; however, through this challenge, I feel like I have a very strong foundation. 

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  1. Hooray for you, Mrs. Bruch, you made it through! Thanks for these reflections. We are so glad to know that you feel more confident and are becoming a leader at your school! Remember that Julie Erickson can do a staff inservice about the e-resources at no charge to your school, if that is of interest. Thanks for your work throughout and congratulations on completing the Challenge! Applause, applause! Now, take a bow!