Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Reading 2013

Bask in READING! There are so many opportunities!  

The Sturgis Public Library is sponsoring a variety of summer reading program for all ages. Click on the age group below to find out more information.  Bask in reading this summer!



Sponspored by SBHS & SWMS Libraries...Get Your Read On! Book Club is a school-wide reading club that allows students and staff to engage their brains and activate their imaginations through the world of books. This program is active during the school year and throughout the summer. There are no restrictions on what you can read, how you read (print or audio), or the amount you read. For every 100 pages you read, you earn one ticket. Each ticket earned goes into the prize bin…so the more you read, the more tickets you earn, and the more chances you have to win. Prizes are awarded bi-monthly at each school (SWMS and SBHS). A grand prize will also be awarded. NOTE: Any book a student reads for the GYRO Book Club be used for the SPL’s program too!

Here’s how the GYRO works:

Step 1: Check out a book from the library or find another route to get your hands on a book.
Step 2: Read the book.
Step 3: Fill out the online “GYRO Prove It” form on the library website @ sbhslibrary.meadeschools.org and Mrs. Adams will do the calculating.
Step 4: Start the process again!


Read SD! Summer Reading Challenge by the South Dakota Department of Education is a broad program that promotes reading materials that will challenge and engage students so that they don’t lose the valuable skills they learned during the school year. This program is less about quantity and more about quality and informative text.